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Thanks for being here. Our Shaman Life is a community with the goal of helping more and more people reconnect with their shamanic nature and their inherent knowledge of shamanism - we all hold his knowing within.

Hi. I’m Sarah, and this is Tom, and our whole crew. I’ve been practicing reconnecting with shamanism since 2013, left a PhD program to pursue it, and I’ve been sharing my journey unlearning the myths and stories I’ve told myself about shamanism, what I can do (what we all can do), and what’s possible. One thing I know is that even if your purpose isn’t to be a *shamanic practitioner* for others, you can be one for yourself and use the practices and teachings of this healing modality for your own self healing, pursuit of wellness, and self discovery along your chosen path. You can bridge your realities of energetic, physical, and spiritual to find answers and go within. It’s my purpose to help people reclaim their power so they can do just that. And it’s a family affair - Tom helps with ideas and brainstorming, while we homeschool 3 kids. We live in Eastern Pennsylvania. 💖

Why You Should Join Our Shaman Life

  • We're building a community of spiritual seekers! You'll find a network of people looking to reconnect with their shamanic selves, too.
  • Our Shaman Life is the umbrella group for everything  - Join via the free plan to access , or choose to start with access to the Moon Circle, our group healing container, right away.
  • In the Topics section, you'll find $100++ worth of free guided meditations, journeys, and eBooks to support you on your path. This content is not available elsewhere.
  • Learn how to improve your experience here on earth using shamanic practices that are accessible to everyone!

A Big Thanks

Thanks to everyone who has supported this mission of making shamanic concepts, practices, and rituals more accessible, easier to understand, and usable by everyone who seeks them out. Your support helps spread the healing practices of shamanism to a greater community, and people who are seeking out exactly what’s here.